The National Task Force on Electoral Reforms (NTER) has said all stakeholders wishing to get updates on the progress of the electoral reforms process should contact the Law Commission.

The Task Force has also said those wishing to get information about what it has gathered to date should check the Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) website and the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) website for the Electoral Reforms and Recommendations Paper.

To read more on the Statement, click the link below.

The National Task Force on Electoral Reforms  was established in October 2014 after post-election review activities and reports of both local and international observers  pointed out the need for electoral reforms in Malawi.


The Terms of Reference for the Task Force include:

  1. To provide leadership on the electoral reform process in Malawi,
  2. To implement and oversee an agreed program of work on electoral reforms,
  3. To coordinate activities and resources on electoral reforms,
  4. To raise public awareness and develop consensus about what actions can be taken on electoral reforms,
  5. To consider proposals, prospects for developing electoral reforms agenda,
  6. To build on proposals from the stakeholders and refine them,
  7. To come up with recommendations and reports of findings and activities,
  8. To propose reform recommendations for government action and,
  9. To liaise with government, parliament and other stakeholders on the reform process.


The members of the Task Force are:

  • Malawi Electoral Commission(MEC)
  • Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN)
  • Public Affairs Committee (PAC)
  • Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD)
  • NGO Gender Coordination Network(NGO GCN)
  • National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE)
  • Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
  • Malawi Law Commission
  • Malawi Human Rights Commission
  • Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
  • National Democratic Institute (NDI), and
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The Task Force is co-chaired by the Malawi Electoral Commission and the Malawi Electoral Support Network. Malawi Electoral Support Network also serves as the secretariat for the Task Force.

So far, the Task Force has held:

1 National Conference on Electoral Reforms

1 Technical Working Group Meeting

1 Expert Reference Group Meeting

1 Consultants’ Retreat to form a Consolidated Issues Paper

13 Task Force Meetings

Engagement Meetings with various elections stakeholders including political parties, traditional and faith leaders, civil society organisations and citizens. There have also been media outreach programmes through the radio, print, social and online media.

Recently, the National Task Force on Electoral Reforms officially handed over its individual reports to the Law Commission to begin a Law Reform Process.

Below is the link to the press statement on the official handover of Individual Reports to the Law Commission:

Press Statement_ Official Handover of Reports to Law Commission by Task Force – 26.01.15

Please click on the link below to view the Consolidated Issues and Recommendations Paper.

Malawi 2014 Elections: Neither Fair nor Credible

Blantyre, Malawi – Blantyre, Malawi – A new civil society report on Malawi’s 2014 tripartite elections is calling for reforms in the country’s electoral processes and systems including enhancing the independence and technical capacity of the Malawi Election Commission (MEC).

The report titled: “Election Situation Room: Analysis of the 2014 Tripartite Elections in Malawi,” is a summary of findings of the Malawi Election Information Centre (MEIC) an initiative of a coalition of civil society organisations (CSOs) with a common interest in collaborating on activities related to the 2014 Malawi tripartite elections, led by the Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN).

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